Thursday, April 28, 2011

‘When the Curtains rise’—a book dedicated to tiatr

‘When the Curtains rise’—a book dedicated to tiatr


To celebrate the 118thyear of Tiatr day, the Goa Tiatr Academy (TAG) is planning a slew of events to mark the Tiatr day celebrations. Announcing this in a press conference, the president of the Tiatr Academy of Goa, Mr Tomazinho Cardozo, said that they will be releasing the book ‘When the Curtains rise’, a book written by Dr Andre Rafael Fernandes, Associate Professor at Goa University’s Department of English.
The book is an extensive documentation of the history and growth of tiatr. It also has interviews of senior tiatrists and speaks at length about the future of tiatr.

The book which took six years of research documents in a systematic way the roots of tiatr. It speaks of its music and analyses the tiatrs of veteran tiatrists. Dr Fernandes who was present said that the future of tiatr is bright but there was always room for improvement. Mr Cardozo said that the book will especially benefit those interested in earning more about tiatr.

To help the book which has been published by the TAG reach a wide audience, the book has been released under a Creative Common 3.0 format, whereby anyone can make copies of the book for non-commercial purposes and share its information through digital copies or through the Internet.

Mr Cardozo also announced schemes that the TAG has introduced to encourage tiatr. Schemes like documentation of tiatr, promotion of tiatr through educational institutions, preservation of tiatr literature, remembering veteran tiatr artistes, encouragement of production of tiatrs in villages, insurance of tiatr artistes, awards, orientation courses in dramatics, production of children’s tiatrs by schools and colleges, promotion of duets, duos, trios, quartets, promotion of Konkani songs with choreography etc are all available to people, said Mr Cardozo.

Mr Cardozo while speaking of the challenges faced by tiatr said that drama in all languages faces challenge, but we must find solutions to the same. He said that tiatr played a very important role in bringing people together during the Opinion Poll and the language agitation in Goa.

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