Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lilting rhythms of Konkani classics revived

Lilting rhythms of Konkani classics revived


After releasing the album titled Konkani Classics Revisited the chief guest for the occasion, president of Tiatr Academy, Mr Tomazinho Cardozo said that he was happy to see an album with hits by Konkani stalwarts like Frank Fernand, Alfred Rose and M Alphonso. However, expressing his distaste for remixes because he felt that songs lost authenticity, Mr Cardozo made it a point to mention that he had clarified with Mr Felix Correia who recreated the music on whether he had retained the originality of the scores. Mr Correia had done his best to maintain originality. The album has given young Goan talent a platform. He requested Saregama to recognise young talent from Goa and thus prove to the world that Konkani music is not far
About the Album: Konkani Classics Revisited
Volume One rediscovers the great master Alfred Rose, and his evergreen hits like ‘Janet and Linet’, ‘Viva la Goa’, and ‘Ye Johnny Ye’. Sung by none other than his daughter, Alria Rose D’Souza, along with other talented singers, this is the first time these remixed songs are being released in the CD format. The original music score and lyrics are by Alfred Rose. Compilation of songs and music recreated by Felix Correia.
Volume Two brings us the music of three other great Goan music masters, Chris Perry, Frank Fernand and M Alphonso. Sung by Kyra Pais and others, this CD contains popular songs like ‘Ambeanche Pan’, ‘Mog Boom Boom’ and ‘Marialena’.
Goa’s beaches are not the only irresistible attraction the state has to offer - its music has always held a special charm. Liltingly melodious with catchy rhythms and a wonderful mix of west and east Konkani music is wins hearts everywhere. Saregama revisited the heritage collection of ageless classics of Konkani music and brought to life once again rare musical gems.

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