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A book on Konkani Literature in Roman Script

A book on Konkani Literature in Roman Script


While briefing press about it on Friday, Mr Premanand Lotlikar, the president of DKA stated that this book would be released at a special function on May 8, 2010 at Kala Academy’s Black Box, Panaji at 4.30 p.m.
The function is organised to commemorate the 156th birth anniversary of Msgr Sebastiao Rudolfo Dalgado, the great son of Goa and a scholar of international repute. Mr Vinayak Naik, editor of ‘Goa Today’ will release the book.
‘Konkani Literature in Roman Script- A Brief History’ is a well-researched English book documenting the tireless efforts and contribution of various scholars, editors and writers who have enriched and strengthened Konkani in the Roman Script since 1556 when the first printing press was installed in Goa.
“This book is Dr Prof Olivinho Gomes’ last contribution to Konknni language. On behalf of DKA, I had requested Prof Gomes to write this book. Although he had other assignments at hand, he did not hesitate to take the responsibility of completing this enormous task and within a period of 14 months submitted the manuscript to DKA. However, Prof Dr Olivinho Gomes could not live to see the release of this book. He expired on July 31, 2009. Although he is not today, this book will remain a proof of his commitment and dedication to Konkani language, particularly Konkani in Roman script,” says Mr Tomazinho Cardozo, President of Tiatr Academy.

“This book not only gives us a glimpse of the invaluable contribution of Konkani writers in Roman script who have shaped our language through the years but it speaks volumes about the painstaking efforts made by Dr Prof Olivinho Gomes to gather information of immense value,” stated Mr Lotlikar.
DKA had decided to publish this book in English as it has academic and historical importance. A book of this nature will at once become accessible to non-Konkani readers, researchers, students and others to study know more about Konkani in Roman script.
“Segregation of language Konkani in Devnagari and Roman script should not occur. We should come together to preserve and propagate our Konkani language,” concludes Mr Cardozo.
This is the 14th publication by DKA and in near future, they will also publish this book in Konkani.
The Dalgado Konkani Akademi (DKA) is now all set to release the book by Prof Dr Olivinho Gomes titled, ‘Konkani Literature in Roman Script-A Brief History’.

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